5 Documents You Need Before Starting Your Corporation

Initial Considerations When forming a business, the first step is deciding what type of entity is best (for example, a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company). The best entity form depends on structure, liability, tax, and management considerations. For a basic list and general ideas about what entity might be right for you, check out […]

Top 4 Business Entities for your Start Up

Starting a business is difficult enough on its own.  Deciding on the right form of business entity can be equally as frustrating. So many different factors go in to deciding what is the best business entity for your business?  This article is meant to be a primer for your to build up your knowledge base […]

Business Contracts Part 3 – Licensing and Releases

Since we’ve taken the time to go through some basics of contract law, let’s talk about another important business law topic, licensing and releases. Licensing and releases are all about giving and receiving permission. First, a release is the legal concept of receiving permission from others to use their “product”. While licensing is the giving […]

The Basics of Business Contracts (Part 2)

Put your contracts in writing! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen friends and clients get screwed because they thought they could formalize a business contract relationship on a handshake deal. I’m sorry, but the old ways of doing business are gone and the handshake deal is dead. I’ll say it again, […]

The Basics of Business Contracts (Part 1)

Business Contracts. For those of us who are entrepreneurs and business owners, they are what define the deal. Business contracts can be expressly made or they can be implied by the conduct of the parties. All that is required for a business contract to be formed is an offer, an acceptance of that offer and […]