Colorado Passes “Revenge Porn” Law

By Sonya Gillen May 31, 2014 Last week Colorado joined a growing number of states that have recently passed legislation making the practice of “Revenge Porn” illegal. On May 29, 2014, Colorado’s Governor Hickenlooper signed HB 14-1378 into law. The new law will make it a Misdemeanor in Colorado to post intimate pictures on the […]

First Circuit upholds right to record traffic stops

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Boston (1st Cir.) recognized last week a First Amendment right to video record a traffic stop that occurs in a public place. This case raises an important question about an individual’s First Amendment right to film a traffic stop by a police officer. Carla Gericke attempted to film Sergeant […]

Colorado Revenge Porn Bill Unanimously Passes House

Colorado’s Revenge Porn Bill took another significant step by passing 65-0 in Colorado’s House of Representatives. Onward to the Senate… ABC the Denver Channel Here is the current status of the bill

Colorado “Revenge Porn” Bill Passes Committee (or, Contiguglia testifies before Colorado House Judiciary Committee)

I am pleased to say that Colorado’s “revenge porn” bill passed its first test in the Colorado state legislature on today with unanimous approval by the House Judiciary Committee. I’ve spent the past few days working with Colorado State Representative Amy Stevens to get a solid version of this Bill to the Committee in a […]

The Law: Don’t do it yourself. (Cheaper isn’t always better)

Forbes recently published an article about how expensive a cheap lawyer can be. Read the Forbes Article Here. I couldn’t agree more. There are several reasons people and businesses aim to hire the least expensive attorney possible. And like many airlines, many lawyers strive to be the cheapest of the bunch while sacrificing quality legal […]