That’s right! Abercrombie and Fitch has just been charged with obscenity. If the FCC’s allegations of a “side boob” and buttocks didn’t get you upset, these allegations against A&F might.

According to the Associated Press,

Police confiscated two display photos of scantily clad men and a woman from a national chain clothing store and cited the store’s manager on a misdemeanor obscenity charge, authorities said. (Source)

Apparently, after a warning, the store refused to remove the photos that

showed three shirtless young men, with one man’s upper buttocks showing. The other image was of a woman whose breast was mostly exposed, authorities said. (Source)

Here’s my issue: the kids are going to be wearing the clothes in this fashion anyway, so what’s the big deal with a picture of an adult wearing them this way??

I’ll keep you posted on the developments of this case.

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Update: February 5, 2008

Two words: Case Dismissed

Posters of scantily clad youths that were seized by police at an Abercrombie & Fitch store in a Virginia mall this weekend may be inappropriate for young children, but they are not obscene, according to legal experts.

Virginia Beach police apparently have agreed. On Monday, they dropped charges against the clothing company that markets to prep chic teens through sexually charged imagery.

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