Attached is the recently-filed attorneys fees opinion from the district court in Illinois resolving a fee petition for the prevailing lawyers for the NRA before the Supreme Court.

Two lawyers who argued before the Supreme Court were found entitled to hourly rates of $1,020 and $880, respectively.  Another such lawyer who sought compensation at $800 per hour, but who had discounted his time to his client, got $450 per hour, notwithstanding that he had actually charged his clients at the discounted rate of only $225 per hour.  Evidence showed that he charged other clients at rates between $400 and $500 per hour.

While you might find this objectionable, a significant amount of thought goes into the award of attorney fees.  I think the court gives a decent analysis how it justified such profound rates.

What can we learn from this …

Read the opinion here: NRA v Village of Oak Park (N D Ill 2012) (gargantuan hourly rates for NRA lawyers)