I found this article in Sunday’s Denver Post (11/25/07), reported by the Associated Press. Perhaps advisory labels are the way to go.

Free-speech struggle

Graphic depictions of violence, suicide and sexual assault in two Pat Conroy books are at the heart of a First Amendment debate in West Virginia, pitting offended parents against high school students who object to being told what they can’t read.

Even Conroy has interjected himself into the debate. In an e-mail to a student, Conroy slams those who would ban his works as “idiots.” A student group is vowing to sue the Kanawha County Board of Education if the removal of “Beach Music” and “Prince of Tides” from two Nitro High School classes is made permanent.

In a move that appeased neither side, the board decided to explore using advisory labels on books that show content for violence, language, sexual content or adult situations. The Associated Press