I’m not sure if any of you paid enough attention to political ads last year to notice that the GOP of Ohio was running an ad for then Presidential Candidate John McCain which featured the hit song from Jackson Browne “Running on Empty” during his presidential campaign.  Well, apparently the GOP didn’t get permission from Browne to use the song in any of its advertisements. And Browne sued.

However, recently, according to the Associated Press, Jackson Browne has settled the lawsuit and received an apology from Sen. John McCain and the Republican Party over use of his song. The settlement includes a pledge by the GOP not to use any musicians’ work without proper permission in future campaigns, a statement that Browne said he hoped would benefit other artists. Personally, I am happy to see that Browne is looking out for the industry as a whole, especially in an age where piracy and copyright violations are a common theme. These artist work their hearts out and deserve all the credit in the word.  It kills the art when others take advantage of these musicians (or filmmakers, or photographers) just to benefit themselves. I think this could have turned out to be a brutal predicament for the GOP but for Browne’s professionalism and decorum.

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