I will admit that I am a Yankees fan first and foremost. But the Yanks aren’t in the series this year, and I will also willingly admit that I am definitely a fair weather fan when it comes to most sports. Especially baseball. I really don’t even pay attention to the Yanks until post season, and I definitely didn’t pay attention to the Rockies until this current post season. But, you can put me in the group of all the other Coloradans who jumped on the Rocktober bandwagon. And in any event, whether it’d be the Yanks or the Rox no Red Sox fan will like you if you are playing them in the post season, especially the World Series.

Enter Marc Randazza…

As you all know, Randazza and I are fellow lawyers and both members of FALA. We kid around and bust each other like little kids. And, now that his team (the Red Sux)* are playing my team (the ROCKIES) he has challenged me to a bet. The details of his bet are on his blog here.

Well, since he has called me out, I have no choice but to accept his challenge. But, I will add one more element to it. In addition to his conditions:

If the Sux* win, I will send Randazza 10 lbs of Colorado beef which he can enjoy… yummy!!!

If the Rox win, he will send me 10 lbs of that wonderful lobster his Uncle catches in Gloucester Bay in Marc’s home town of Gloucester, MA … also very yummy!!

Ok, so the gauntlet has been picked up and tossed back.

* not a typo.