I really cannot take credit for that headline. That goes to the New York Post which is reporting on its insightful “Page Six” that one of the extras from the new Indiana Jones Movie gave an interview to his hometown news paper and reveled secrets about the movie in violation of his NDA. (Read the story here).

I thought that this would be a great opportunity to give quick discussion about NDAs, Non Disclosure Agreements. If you don’t know, an NDA is a promise to keep your mouth shut about the happenings of the project you are working on. Typically, the NDA will allow for injunctive relief (think restraining order) to keep the contracting party from leaking any information that was required to be kept confidential. It also provides an avenue to sue for damages in the event the NDA is breached.

But what happens in this situation where you have an extra in a movie, who has been tapped to perform a dance scene and discovery of the disclosure occurs after it happens? Well, while there are possible damages available, I doubt this fledgling actor has any type of cash to pay to Spielberg. So, what does Spielberg do? He cuts his scene and systematically destroys this young actors career! Who is going to hire this kid when he can’t comply with an NDA?

Well, let this be a lesson to you aspiring actors, producers, directors and crew, if you sign an NDA, adhere to it! And, if you decide not to heed this advice, make sure you’re not working for Spielberg.