I pay close attention to the matters that my friends are involved in. And when a close friend has accomplished a strong victory for his client, I think its important to give proper credit when credit is due.

Going through law school I was told stories by my mentors about how the legal profession “used to be.” Even today, 12 years after my graduation, I talk to the old school lawyers about the days when the law was a civil profession. Attorneys could cooperate in the preparation of a case, bash each other’s brains in during court, and then walk down to the corner tavern and enjoy a beer together. Unfortunately, so much acrimony surrounds our profession today that it’s a nice surprise when good lawyers get together and accomplish great things for their clients — especially when it can be done with such dignity. I have to pass on my commendation to my close friend Randazza and his graciousness toward his opposing counsel in his case concerning Anthony Ciolli. Read about it here. Of course, from what I read on his blog, and in a private discussion with Randazza about the case, it sounds like Mr. Lemley seems to have earned every bit of that graciousness. This is what the practice of law should be like – the good ‘ol days: lawyers treating each other with respect, regardless of how much the clients may be at each others’ throats.