Every now an then, imperialistic small-town governments bite off more than they can chew.  I think this is a good example.  The New York Times is reporting that Stephanie Babines, 30, was denied a permit to open a dance studio in Adams Township, PA. Apparently,two years ago, Ms. Babines began offering instruction in pole dancing, power lap dancing, salsa and other forms of dance and fitness in peoples’ homes and in rented space in a dance studio at night and on weekends.

However, in March, the Adams Township code enforcement officer, Gary Peaco, denied her occupancy permit, ruling that her studio was an adult business and was illegally within 1,000 feet of a bar and a residential area. The A.C.L.U. has sued to overturn that decision. (Source)

Mr. Peaco said he had reached his decision after noticing the black and pink color scheme of Ms. Babine’s Web site — www.ohmyyouregorgeous.com — and the high-heeled shoe in her logo. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

In addition, Mr. Peaco testified that even though the dance instruction did not involve nudity and there would be no audience, the dance styles were “provocative” and involved sexual “innuendo.” OH MY GOD! The Steve Buscemi character from I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry must have been based on this guy.

Dancing styles that were provocative and involved sexual innuendo? Imagine that! I guess that there will be no tango, rumba, merengue and salsa in Adams Township.

This reminds me of a movie…

… Somebody call Kevin Bacon!

(Read the NYT story here)