By Bernie DeBoer

This case is something that should never have happened and should be thrown out of court the second it gets to a judge. After reading this news account, I hope you agree with me that the teacher should not be arrested and the school board held accountable for their actions.

The book in question, “Child of God”, was on the list that the English teachers in Tuscola had approved for a pre-advanced placement class. The novel, published in 1974, is about a town’s outsider who is falsely accused of rape and then begins killing people. The character lives in a cave with the victims’ decomposing bodies. According to the back cover, it “plumbs the depths of human degradation.” The book sounds pretty disgusting. I would prefer to not let my own kids read that book. However, if the book was approved by the school district, I should not raise any issue with a teacher assigning this book to be read. If there any objections by anyone against this book, the parents should be calling the school board and not going to the district attorney.