This blog is based on an exclusive interview with Albert Snyder, who won an $11-million judgment against members of a church who picketed as his Marine son was being laid to rest. (Source)

Wow! If this article doesn’t start hitting chords on both sides of the issue… Just as burning the flag disturbs many Americans deeply and profoundly, I feel that demonstrations at funerals is easily in that same category. Just as one person’s terrorist might be another person’s hero, this event springs with the same attitude. What many people feel is disgraceful and tasteless is the stage for another to get attention to an idea or theory.

Personally, I think that is what this event is about: a highly volatile subject that is using a contained audience that will get emotional and seek assistance in silencing the protesters. I am sure that the protesters are aware that much of the public will use get their information from the media.  Thus, getting the media involved gives a louder audience to there cause. I think that even though this is an individual’s constitutionally given right, there is still an ethical, personal line that someone must have within themselves. Once again, I feel that the monies gained in this suit should be put towards a greater purpose than one’s banks account in order to give a deeper meaning to the life lost. The funds should be used to improve humanity.