By Michelle Hahn

I found this article this weekend. Since the topic was brought up in class on Thursday, I thought that it would be appropriate to send it to you.

According to a recent 9 News story (read it here) the studios would rather shut down than payout to the guild. Being how this happened in 1988 and cost the studio 500 million, you would think that the studios would rather pay up then risk losing more in the long run than in the short with negotiations. But if the State of Colorado could benefit from the revenue that the strike brings, I say bring in the revenue, Go on Strike! This could potentially be a big move for the company’s here in Colorado. If this could bring more movies to colorado and allow for bigger budgets outside of Hollywood, then I’m all for the Guild going on strike. The thing that worries me though is, where does the money come from if the Guild does strike? Does this mean that the revenue that flows into Colorado, is also detrimental?