The Associated Press is reporting that three Pennsylvania teenagers are suing a prosecutor who wants to charge them with child pornography over racy cell-phone pictures of themselves.

The ACLU joined in the fight for the three girls suing Wyoming County District Attorney George Skumanick Jr. from filing charges. Two of the girls are 13-year-olds who were shown in their bras and say they were having innocent fun when a friend took their photo. Another picture shows a 16-year-old girl with a towel around her waist. The teens say the photos are protected speech, not pornography. (Source)

Is it true that teens finding more ways to express themselves? Expression? Isn’t that what we adults call constitutionally protected speech? Are we saying that teens don’t have the same constitutional rights as adults do to express themselves? Shouldn’t a teenager have the same right to expression? Or, do we follow the thoughts of Candice Kelsey, a teacher from California and author of Generation MySpace: Helping Your Teen Survive Online Adolescence, that “Adolescents are not known for thinking things through – that’s a generational constant.” (Source).

This is certainly bound to create debate. I’ve also written on this subject on more than one occasion, and actually been written about on the subject. See: The Hypocracy of Law, A Model Prisoner, and Kids for Sale.