If you’ve ever watched the Hannah Montana television show on Disney, you know that theme song. Unfortunately, the Hannah Montana actress, Miley Cyrus, is getting a dose of stardom the hard way — via the legal system. The Associated Press is reporting that

Thousands of “Hannah Montana” fans who couldn’t get concert tickets are suing the teen performer’s fan club over memberships they claim were supposed to give them priority for seats.

You can read the full AP Article here.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a New Jersey woman[, obviously a parent,] and anyone else who joined the Miley Cyrus Fan Club based on its promise that joining would make it easier to get concert tickets from the teen star’s Web site.

Wait! Let me guess, uh … they weren’t able to get tickets? Imagine that? The law suit claims that the fan site, operated by Interactive Media Marketing Inc. and Smiley Miley Inc., ” … deceptively lured thousands of individual into purchasing memberships into the Miley Cyrus Fan Club …”

Well, that could create some problems … if it’s true. Apparently, thousands of people joined the club based on the understanding that by joining they would be able to purchase Hannah Montana concert tickets before they were offered for sale to the general public.

Well, as a lawyer, I can see both sides of this argument. The disgruntled fans are going to claim they were either misled or detrimentally relied on the representations of the fan site and paid their $29.95 for a membership and the “possibility” of tickets. And, I can see the other side, that there was no promise of tickets, merely an opportunity to buy them before they went on sale to the public. Assuming that happened at all. But, there was never a “promise of tickets” to anyone. Well, the complaint is asking for three times the damages. For each individual plaintiff in the lawsuit, that’s $90.00. Multiply that by some factor of disgruntled fans who actually wanted tickets and you might get a hefty recovery … for the lawyers. The fan still only gets her $90.00.