Forbes recently published an article about how expensive a cheap lawyer can be. Read the Forbes Article Here. I couldn’t agree more. There are several reasons people and businesses aim to hire the least expensive attorney possible. And like many airlines, many lawyers strive to be the cheapest of the bunch while sacrificing quality legal services and a solid understanding of their client’s needs and goals. While the Forbes article focuses on the hiring of a business attorney, the principle of hiring an attorney in general holds true to many facets of the law.

In business, a lawyer is essential. But as the Forbes article states, you don’t want an attorney who is going to push forward at all costs and sacrifice your goals just to prove a point about how “Super” he or she might be. That doesn’t accomplish the end game, which is to get the deal done, and get it done in such a way that doesn’t break the bank. Unnecessary conflict creates needless fees. The goal is a balanced win for all the parties involved; and a lawyer who helps you reach that goal, while assuring no one takes advantage of you, is paramount.

In family law, the same principle applies. Ninety percent of family law cases, whether it be divorce, child support or child custody, results in a settlement. (So I believe). Negotiations are an integral part of any family law case. Like the goals outlined above, you need a lawyer who will be available to your legal an emotional needs while protecting your legal rights. Divorce cases entail probably the highest degree of conflict out of any other legal case. Emotions always run high and frequently a client’s mind. Handling your own divorce, or custody proceeding might be inexpensive at the start, but the ramifications can last a lifetime.

When people get injured in an accident, it is expected they will be dealing with an insurance company. It could be their own insurance company, or it could be the responsible party’s insurance company. In any event, insurance companies are in the business of making money. This means the last thing an adjuster wants to do is hand over a check to you. A great lawyer will help you resolve any disputes with the insurance company and achieve the best result consistent with your goals while making sure the insurance company isn’t taking advantage of you.

It goes without saying, but I am going to say it anyway, never talk to law enforcement without a lawyer being present. This is absolutely something you cannot, and should not, do on your own. I’ve never met a client who was able to talk themselves out of the filing of a case. There is a reason the police are looking at you, even if you are innocent of any criminal wrongdoing. Law enforcement works in strange and mysterious ways, and under no circumstances should you try to engage in an interview without a lawyer by your side. Equally so, the criminal justice system is complex and imposing. Attending hearings and other court appearances without a lawyer can be scary and worrisome. Having a great lawyer by your side can help ease the tension and fears the criminal justice system can throw your way.

So, what can you learn from all of this? Take the time to hire a lawyer; don’t do it yourself. Your efforts will be rewarded if you take the time to plan your approach and meet with an attorney who has your goals and interests at heart, and one who will take the time to strategize with you and protect your interests with a fair and balanced approach.

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