Well, it looks like it’s actually going to happen. The Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) is planning on striking according to an Associated Press Story. (Source) According to the article,

Television and movie screen writers said Thursday they would go on strike for the first time in nearly 20 years in a dispute over royalties.

Four writers told The Associated Press that Writers Guild of America president Patric Verrone made the announcement in a closed-door session.

The strike arises out of a dispute over royalties to writers for DVD sales, as well as sales over the Internet and other digital media.

I can appreciate the writers’ issues with the new media. A lot has changed since the last strike in 1988. I don’t believe anyone anticipated the change in media distribution and the avenues that would be available to people for their products to be sold. The market, while it has always been world wide, has become easier to access globally. Movie and television producers have the ability to spend a lot less money and get their products to a global market; an event that was not as easily accomplished back in the 80’s.

Studios have stockpiled dozens of movie scripts, and TV shows have enough scripts or completed shows in hand to last until early next year.

Well, unfortunately, while I understand and support the need to be included in the new digital, world wide, distribution, we, the consumer are going to be stuck watching reruns. I hope that stockpile of previously written scripts doesn’t go stale.