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I am here to help lead you or your company through unfamiliar situations. I will guide you where I have skill, and provide insight on your case and in your industry. I will help counsel you on avoiding mistakes. I strive to compliment you and your organization and to be approachable on issues that affect you concerning the law and your industry while maintaining a true direction to help you accomplish your goals. I appreciate that each of my clients, and their respective cases, are unique. As such, I approach each case with individual care and with concern for each client's legal issue. I maintain a tough, smart and aggressive stance when the time is right, all the while maintaining a very personable approach with my clients. My firm's law practice is broad, covering areas of business law and litigation, criminal defense and personal injury. Yet, we endeavor to maintain effective advocacy for our clients by maintaining communication, being relentless in our positions, and always being prepared. My firm has the ability to provide unique, original solutions to complicated legal problems. Our skill and insight will help you reach a solution to your case, whether it is a business dispute, a criminal allegation, or an injury received at the hands of another. We are always sympathetic to the needs and best interests of our clients. I have experience in many facets of business relationships, from drafting contracts to starting up business entities, partnership agreements, operating agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and business sales. In instances where these deals go awry, I help protect my client’s rights and stand up for their position while assisting them with a resolution to best achieve their objectives. My experience with business contracts, intellectual property and other transactions allows me to formulate a unique perspective against general litigators who lack such business experience. In criminal matters, my experience working at the United States Attorney Office in the District of Colorado and the Jefferson County District Attorney office helps me advocate for my clients and achieve a resolution to their cases whether it is through plea bargain or trial. I represent clients in criminal matters including felonies, misdemeanors, DUI and traffic. I have handled cases across the spectrum of criminal complaints, including murder and sexual assaults. I have handled criminal cases in state and federal court. Every client receives the same quality representation, regardless of the severity of the charges against him or her. I recently completed the Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training program (COBALT). COBALT is a competitive, interactive leadership training program designed specifically for lawyers with demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to the legal community. The program not only teaches leadership skills, but also addresses challenges faced by leaders in the legal community and the general community, inspires and energizes students, and facilitates a group learning experience. I firmly believe that a strong leader is one who sets the moral and ethical tone, and values or vision, for the community or organization. A strong leader surrounds himself with people who supplement him and challenge and clarify his thinking. In return, a strong leader supports his colleagues and helps bring out the best and strongest qualities in them. A leader is the catalyst who can create synergy with those around him and use the energy that is created to benefit everyone in the group and the community as a whole. A leader understands that it is the success of the team that defines the success of the leader. While he may hold the rank as an individual, he is nothing without those around him. I have always considered myself a team player and have always strived to raise the levels of performance and commitment of those around me. I have never assigned a task to someone that I would not do myself. I believe that it is my responsibility to help build and strengthen the community and help strengthen the trust between its members and its leaders.


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