Risk Management Consulting

Every business needs to take risks.

We help your business avoid unnecessary and costly risks. Your ​confidential ​consultation​ is the first step to identifying, prioritizing and addressing business risks to minimize the fallout from unexpected incidents and keep you compliant with local law. Our goal is to develop an integrated risk management plan to aid you in building a sustainable, profitable business strategy.

Do you have these risks?


While not necessarily obvious, many business risks can lead to enormous negative impacts and costs. Here are the five areas of business risk management we at the Contiguglia Law Firm help our clients with:
1. Financial risk
Financial risks have to do with shareholders, cash flow or long-term budget planning.
2. Operational risk
Operational risks have to do with administrative procedures, processes, technology, record-keeping – even environmental issues.
3. Strategic risk
Strategic risks pertain to your overall business plan, ownership and strategy.
4. Compliance risk
Compliance risks are about making sure that you are legally complying with laws and regulations as well as industry-related codes and permits
5. Reputational risk
Reputational risk has to do with the way others see your business—for instance, dealing with negative online reviews, or managing PR issues. I help you identify, monitor, and respond to actual and predicted risks in a way that protects you from both current and future problems.

How Business Risk Management helps you

Every new business owner makes mistakes!
The biggest mistake is to operate without fully understanding your risk and the consequences of those risks. That’s where we come in.
As your business risk management team, we help you avoid costly mistakes and manage the damage when they do happen.
Professional risk management will help you:
  • Avoid making costly mistakes
  • Grow your business sustainably
  • Preemptively avoid costly lawsuits
  • Have proper representation should a lawsuit arise
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is protected

Call Today

As a successful business owner, you need good partners and resources to run your company. You also need good information. A confidential consultation call is the first step to better understanding your risk profile and the benefits of a full risk assessment. As an expert in risk management, I will help you succeed in business by helping you to understand, mitigate, and prevent issues related to risk management.


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