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The Contiguglia Law Firm recognizes that it can provide value to its clients by concentrating in the practice areas of business law including setup, contract review and litigation if necessary.

The Contiguglia Law Firm accepts clients with issues in the following practice areas:

Business Organizations:

  • Entity formation
  • Entity dissolution
  • Asset purchases
  • Shareholder purchases
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions

Awards of Distinction & Recognition

Education about the law empowers clients with a framework to ask intelligent questions, take smart action, protect themselves, their customers, and their business future.

– Andrew Contiguglia

Primary Practice Areas

Business Law

As Denver Business Lawyers, we do more than draft contracts. We help guide your business through unfamiliar situations. Learn More About Business Law

Business Litigation

Business disputes (or commercial disputes) occur between partners, franchisees, stockholders, members, clients, and suppliers. Learn More About Business Litigation

Business Copyright

Copyright protection is created by statute. Its power is derived from the United States Constitution…   Learn More About Business Copyright

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Andrew J. Contiguglia’s practice includes corporate, small business and entrepreneurial law. Andrew also practices entertainment law where he represents producers, directors, and talent in contract, commercial, corporate, business formation and entertainment transactions, as well as criminal defense and personal injury law.

Primary Practices

The Contiguglia Law Firm recognizes that it can provide value to its clients by concentrating in the practice areas of business law, but also handles criminal and civil litigation.
  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Personal Injury Law

Our Attorneys

Andrew Contiguglia

Andrew Contiguglia

Business Attorney

Tara Rismani

Tara Rismani

Personal Injury Attorney

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From Our Clients

Andy was not only one of the best attorneys I have
worked with he and his team are simply the best!
Andy was not only one of the best attorneys I have worked with he and his team are simply the best! Andy and his team know exactly what they are doing when it comes to the law and making me as a client not only feel comfortable about my situation but confident about getting the best possible resolution. With his knowledge and experience I would recommend Andy and his team to any person seeking legal representation.
— Client

I am a current client of Mr. Contiguglia and he has been the best attorney I’ve ever worked with. He is my corporate and personal attorney. He is the kindest and easiest to work with- for both his client (me) and our counterparts in negotiations. He is well-versed in business law, corporate governance, principles of negotiation etc. He gives an objective point of view and is not afraid to challenge me if I need to consider new information. I highly recommend him.
- Client

Andrew took the time to walk me through my options and helped educate me. I felt at ease and confidant that he cares about his clients and their wellbeing. He is extremely knowledgeable but very approachable which I feel is of utmost importance when retaining a lawyer.
- Angela

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