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It’s inevitable.
As a business owner, you will face legal obstacles as your business grows. As Denver business lawyers, we help you identify risks and obstacles in your business before a problem develops. That way you can manage legal problems, build a profitable business, and gain an advantage over your competition.

As Denver-based business lawyers, we help you understand how the law affects you in your business which empowers you with a framework to ask intelligent questions, take smart action, and to protect yourself, your customers, and your business future.

-Andrew J. Contiguglia


Andy Contiguglia sits at a desk getting ready to complete a business deal.


Your business is too valuable not to be protected. That’s why you need an experienced legal partner to build safeguards around your valuable property and to avoid potential dangers before they happen.


What to Expect in Due Diligence if You Sell Your Company

Corporate Law

Corporate law governs the formation and operation of business organizations, encompassing the rights of owners, operators, and management. It protects the company’s assets, extends its life, defines ownership and management roles, creates financial accountability, and establishes transferability. Corporate law is not just common law–it’s often based on state or federal law, addressing such things as the validity of shares of stock and the fiduciary duties of directors. 



What to Expect in Due Diligence if You Sell Your Company

Complex Litigation

Complex litigation refers to a difficult kind of civil case involving big stakes, numerous documents, experts, and witnesses. Complex litigation refers to a difficult kind of civil case involving big stakes, numerous documents, experts, and witnesses. Complex litigation generally focuses on tort or contract disputes with large sums involved, including securities fraud, personal injury lawsuits, and insurance claims. If you were to hire an attorney for such a case, that attorney would need to be highly skilled in the law and able to devote considerable time and resources toward the case. That’s where we come in! 



What to Expect in Due Diligence if You Sell Your Company


The outside general counsel is one of the most important people in a business. A general counsel is a lawyer who oversees legal issues and advises the CEO and board to make sure the business stays in compliance with laws and regulations while dealing with legal matters arising from the company’s operations. We’re a team of lawyers helping startups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses prosper with smart legal solutions — the corporate law firm you wish you always had. 



What to Expect in Due Diligence if You Sell Your Company


Buying and selling a business consolidates and aligns your business interests, creates business opportunities, and helps you grow your existing business. It is a major business decision. We understand your business needs so you can make an informed decision on the best strategy for your business by helping you understand your options and how each one aligns with your business goals. When we help our clients buy and sell businesses, we put our clients’ needs first and help them strategize how to grow their business in its current market or take advantage of an opportunity in another one.



What to Expect in Due Diligence if You Sell Your Company


Your business success depends on you avoiding unnecessary and costly risks. Your ​confidential ​consultation​ is the first step to identifying, prioritizing and addressing business risks to minimize the fallout from unexpected incidents and keep you compliant with local law. With our guidance, you will develop an integrated risk management plan to aid your business in building a sustainable, profitable business strategy.




If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of a driver, business, or property owner, they may be held liable. With the proper legal guidance, an effective personal injury claim can offset the damages you have suffered by providing compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.


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Get your business back to normal during COVID – 19!

Our free guide will help you navigate the difficulties of managing your business as we all work to avoid the risk of COVID-19. Understand and address the risks of moving your business forward during these difficult times.

Do you reccommend or endorse products?

This guide, based off the United States Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Endorsment Guide, helps outline how advertisers and endorsers can stay on the right side of the law.


Andrew J. Contiguglia

Andrew J. Contiguglia

Business / Risk Management Attorney

Tara Rismani

Tara Rismani

Personal Injury / Insurance Recovery Attorney

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Denver Business Lawyer Serving Colorado and the United States

Based in Denver, CO, the Contiguglia Law Firm is committed to helping our Denver business clients and our clients around the United States navigate the legal concerns associated with running a small business.

Our lawyers in Denver, CO have the capability and expertise to help businesses at any stage of growth.  We work with startups, businesses experiencing rapid growth, and businesses that have been around for a long time.

Our lawyers are well versed in local, state, and federal laws that your business must abide by, and as your lawyer, we will provide you with the proper guidance to keep you compliant. While we are based in Denver and a great number of our clients are Denver business owners, many clients from around the United States use us as their business attorneys.

Lawyers for Startup Businesses

If you’re just getting started or are about to launch your business, your time is likely consumed by the new products or services you’ll be providing your customers.  You aren’t a lawyer and probably don’t have time or knowledge to successfully navigate the legal requirements for getting your new business off the ground.

One of the key considerations for a startup is getting the right lawyer with a strong business law background to protect your interests and help to pave the way for success.

We can help with the proper documentation and filings for your new business – including business formation and state and federal paperwork.  If you’re taking on staff, our lawyers will assist you in getting the right policies and procedures in place with regard to employment law.  Your lawyer will help you get the right documentation and systems in place to protect your business and minimize your risk.

Lawyers when You’re Looking to Buy or Sell Businesses

Our lawyers can help you through the process of selling a business, expanding by acquiring a business, or selling a business.  Your lawyer will help you by getting the right documents and contracts in place to make sure that your business and your rights are properly protected.  

Business Risk Management Lawyers

If you’re like many business owners, finding the right lawyer doesn’t seem like a very high priority. You’re so focused on running your business, that you may not be aware of the pending threats that could undermine your business.  You’re thinking about keeping your business goingOur business lawyers help you by identifying many of those risks and helping you to preemptively avoid costly lawsuits that could harm your business.  We also represent you tenaciously in the vent that a lawsuit is brought against your business.  In short, we help you sleep better at night knowing your business is protected from legal harm.


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