Business Law

Most business owners don’t realize the legal risks they face in their business. So, we provide solutions that protect your business from harm, giving you peace of mind, and an advantage over your competitors. 

We provide solutions and protection from legal problems.

Business Law

From start-up to final merger or acquisition, the experienced business law team at the Contiguglia Law Firm can guide you through potential legal pitfalls and help to avoid costly mistakes. It starts with your free, ​confidential consultation​ to establish current and future needs to safeguard your business. Our goal is to be your legal guide helping to protect your valuable business assets and allowing you to confidently focus on building your business.

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Do you need legal advice?

While not always obvious, many business risks can lead to enormous costs and loss of business. Here are six areas of business legal advice we provide for our clients:

Starting a new company

Your new company is much more than legal paperwork—it is a living entity that needs to be protected with expert advice. The team at Contiguglia can develop financing agreements, limited liability companies, partnerships, and joint ventures, as well as coordinate the sale and dissolution of mature businesses.

Partnership Agreement

All successful partnerships are built on solid agreements supported by legally binding documents. Our team can help negotiate new partnerships, restructure existing partnerships, or develop new management agreements.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As your legal partner, we will guide you through the complex negotiation of a successful merger or acquisition. With our guidance you can be confident, knowing that what you agree to is legally binding.

Copyright & Trademark Protection

Valuable copyright or trademark materials need to be recognized and protected. Our team can create licensing agreements or help recognize and enforce your rights in mergers and acquisitions.

Contract Review & Drafting

Proper, legal contracts are essential as a part of any solid business and corporate model. We provide the legal expertise to ensure contracts will be respected and your business runs smoothly.

Business Litigation

Our knowledge and familiarity with business contracts, intellectual property, and other business transactions give us a unique perspective against less experienced litigation lawyers. Some examples of business litigation include:
  • Breach of contract
  • Collection of debts
  • Construction defect and related wrongdoing
  • Real estate and property disputes
  • Landlord /tenant disputes (including evictions)
  • Copyright violations
  • Partnership disputes and stockholder derivative suits
  • Business dissolution
  • Mineral interests, oil and gas leases, and working interests

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As a successful business owner, you need good partners and resources to run your company. You also need good information. A confidential consultation call is the first step to better understanding your risk profile and the benefits of a full risk assessment. As an expert in risk management, I will help you succeed in business by helping you to understand, mitigate, and prevent issues related to risk management.


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