Complex Litigation

Litigation: A machine which you go into as a pig and come out of as a sausage.

— Ambrose Bierce

The Complex Litigation Process: What You Need to Know 

Complex litigation refers to a difficult kind of civil case involving multiple attorneys working together and/or multiple parties being sued and represented, each with their own attorneys, and often with conflicting interests. The disputes can be extremely complicated, involving numerous documents, experts, and witnesses.

What is Complex Litigation? 

This term is used to describe a lawsuit or series of lawsuits that are particularly complicated requiring a high degree of legal expertise. It refers to a type of lawsuit that is so complicated, that it requires the use of expert witnesses and a great deal of document review. These cases can involve multiple parties, large sums of money, and difficult-to-resolve legal questions.  

Such cases cover subject matters and laws requiring more procedural complexity and/or complicated damage determinations. They any court battle with multiple parties in multiple jurisdictions, large amounts of money at stake, lengthy trials, or complex legal issues. These are the kind of lawsuits that can draw serious media scrutiny, and will likely cost the company serious time and money, even if you eventually win the case.

What does Complex Litigation Include?

These cases involve large companies or corporations with a team of attorneys working to protect their interests. It can range from contract disputes, shareholder derivative actions, and commercial sales agreements, to securities fraud and cross-border disputes. These types of lawsuits become very complicated requiring a law firm with extensive resources and access to numerous expert witnesses.

What happens in Complex Litigation? 

Complex litigation often requires the intervention of a judge or jury to resolve the legal issues at stake. Unfortunately, this can lead to long and drawn-out court proceedings, which can be very costly for all of the parties involved. Cases like these can take years to resolve, and often requires the involvement of numerous lawyers from both sides. The cases can be extremely costly to pursue and can result in huge financial settlements or judgments.  

The process is very costly to companies, in both time and money. Because massive amounts of money are at stake, it is important to reduce the need for complex litigation through settlement and resolution. Utilizing and trusting lawyers and law firms with extensive complex litigation experience can help ease the conflict which is inevitably linked to such cases.

What kind of lawsuits fall into Complex Litigation? 

Many kinds of lawsuits can fall into the category of complex litigation. 

Class action lawsuits, contract disputes involving subcontractors, international arbitration, and even simple sale of goods agreements across state lines gone wrong can evolve into fairly complex legal battles. 

How long does Complex Litigation take? 

Compex litigation lawsuits can take years to resolve and can cost several hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars. Unfortunately, complex litigation has become more common over recent years. Laws have become more developed, making it more difficult for people to understand their rights and obligations. Corporations, also, have become more aggressive in their business practices, and are willing to fight lawsuits to protect their interests. 

Do you need a Complex Litigation attorney? 

Complex litigation cases involve unique legal issues rarely faced by corporate law attorneys without complex litigation experience. Unless your attorney knows exactly what obscure laws may come into play, your company can wind up paying big, especially since complex litigation can involve thousands, millions, or even billion-dollar judgments. 
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