Colorado Felony DUI Law

The Colorado felony DUI law is here! If Colorado’s DUI laws weren’t difficult enough to understand, and harsh enough to begin with, the 2015 state legislative session brought Colorado into the mix of several other states creating felony penalties for multiple DUI offenders. This is a big deal! While a previous multiple DUI offender was […]

Internet Law Update (February 2015)

FALA Presentation Internet Law Update Las Vegas, NV February 2015 Andrew Contiguglia The Contiguglia Law Firm, P.C. The Winter 2015 meeting of the First Amendment Lawyers Association was a success overall. In typical fashion, the internet law update drew its solid share of participation and debate. Here is a summary of the materials presented. Music […]

Drinking and Biking, WATCH OUT, you may be arrested for a DUI!

By Bryan Fife, Esq. Bicycling home from your local pub, bar or brewery seems like a smart and logical option. Perhaps you don’t have a car or you thought you were being safe by not driving. Despite your good intentions, you may be at risk for being charged with a DUI. As bicycling becomes a […]

Internet Law – An Update

Once again, I sat down with my fellow First Amendment Lawyers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this past week to give them their bi-annual dosage of internet law updates. Here is a summary of what was presented. Supreme Court Decisions AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANIES, INC., ET AL., v. AEREO, INC. 573 U. S. ____ (2014) June 25, […]

US Supreme Court adapts the 4th Amendment into the digital age.

In Riley v. California, the US Supreme Court reached a unanimous decision concerning cellphone privacy cases, bringing the Fourth Amendment into the digital age. Chief Justice Roberts wrote the Opinion outlining a simple truth: “Cell phones differ in both a quantitative and a qualitative sense from other objects that might be kept on an arrestee’s […]