Denver listed as Forbes #2 city to launch a startup business! (What are you waiting for?)

It’s official! Forbes has tapped the best cities of 2014 to launch a startup business. And, my home town of Denver, CO stands strong at number 2 on that list. Forbes – The Best Places to Launch a Startup 2014. So, what can the passionate entrepreneur do to start fashioning that great idea into reality? […]

Colorado Debates Cyberbullying

In the forum of Colorado’s legislature today, members debated a bill that would create a class 2 misdemeanor for using online services to harass a child. The plan is to add HB 1131 to  the list of actions classified as harassment under Colorado law §18-9-111. The bill proposes to criminalize conduct intended to “kill, injure, […]

Recent Cases in Internet Law

Twice a year I address the First Amendment Lawyers Association and update them on recent changes in internet law and the First Amendment. Here is a summary of that presentation for February 2014 and those cases. Social Media Cases Yelp me be Anonymous! Virginia Appeals Court Says Yelp needs to reveal identify of it’s authors. […]

Changes in Colorado Drug Crimes

On October 1, 2013, Colorado will undergo a major change in the way it classifies its drug crimes. Historically, drug crimes were classified alongside other felony and misdemeanor crimes. With this change, drug crimes in Colorado will carry their own level of drug offense. Colorado Senate Bill 13-250 breaks drug crimes into two categories. Drug […]

9th Circuit Agrees Righthaven Lacks Standing to sue on Copyrights

Today the 9th Circuit upheld a California District Court determination that Righthaven failed to have standing to sue on copyrights it acquired.  Congrats go out to my good friends Marc Randazza and Jay DeVoy for their awesome job on this case. The 9th Circuit determined the agreements assigning Righthaven LLC the bare right to sue […]