WHAT?! (The Randazza Enlightenment)

Wow! When I first read Hirsanyi’s piece about poor Ms. Corder I took it on it face. My Mistake! I have to appreciate that there are some people in this world who took a little time to investigate the facts of my recent post “… Speak no Evil …” My good friend Marc Randazza in his recent post shed some light on an apparently very misleading Op Ed piece to which I (originally) had sympathy for. Read the Randazza enlightenment here!

Thank you Marc for bringing this to our attention!


  1. I for one also do not agree with the Supreme COurts ruling in regards to the “Bong Hits for Jesus”,case. But I also can not justify “Lying for Jesus”, either.
    Ms. Corder it appears willfully and purposely orchastrated this whole event with the goal of gainig attention. It is one thing to hear as is a much spoken cliche in locker rooms across America ” I would like to thank Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior…”. Opposed to being advocated to to search the subject and my soul. She appears to be a bright and wonderful stdent from what the press has said,yet it is much like the wiazrd in the land of OZ. “Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain…”. The curtain appears to be Focus on the Family and the wizard at the controls Mr. Dobson.

    Comment by Thomas A. on September 13, 2007 at 6:04 am

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